Swiftly Manage

Your connected objects

The platform to gather, store and analyze in real time
all your connected devices' / machines' data.
Create high value IoT services

Gather, centralize, securely store and analyse in real time your data using ThinkEE's platform. ThinkEE also offers custom IoT development services. We bring you added value in building management, smart city, key parameter monitoring, security, agriculture and industry 4.0.

Monitor your KPIs and start optimising your processes.

Improve your decision making

Optimize your processes

Decrease your costs

Generate new revenues

Enter the digital era

The Solar Decathlon Winner

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Modular, modern and flexible

A unique web platform to monitor and control all your devices from any screen (computer, tablet and phone). We provide modular and modern UX. Use ThinkEE to quickly build a POC.

Easy integration with your IT systems (ERP, CRM, ...). Use our platform as a white label; include your colours and logos. We developed an advanced user and rights management system. Easily manage your applications.

Connect all your devices

Centralise all your devices data

A secured platform

We use the latest data securisation standards

Flexible and modular

Open Apis, white label availability, ... to fit your needs


Remotely monitor and control in real time your devices

With ThinkEE, follow all your connected devices in real time. There is no limitation on the communication protocol. Easily centralise all your ecosystem's (machines, sensors, meters, ...) data And remotely control them

Stop repetitive tasks like manual gathering thanks to remote monitoring. Quickly detect issues on your installations and take the right decision at the right time. Increase your visibility and decrease your costs. Get a unique dashboard and cenralise all your data.

Digitalize your company

Create a new connected product line for your customers. Generate new revenues and improve your client relation. ThinkEE offers a white label solution. Create services with your look and feel.

ThinkEE helps you digitalize your company. Upgrade your 2G devices before the end of it and build modern solutions.

Decrease your costs by using wireless protocols. No need to install wires.


Beneficiate from high value advices

You would like to use connected devices or to create a new connected product line ?

Our team is here to advice you.

ThinkEE develops with you a custom software solution for your needs. Alos, we have hardware partners if needed.

The most modular platform of the market

We know that your needs are continuasly evolving.

Your switching your devices ? You start using new devices ? You want to monitor new kpis ? You are looking for new functionnalities ? ThinkEE is able to include any new devices or functionnalites.

Our solution is made to last. A good customer relation is essential for us.


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