• Jan 18



    ThinkEE is happy to have supported Livelo for is water management project for the Chic competition. Livello developed a connected water level sensor in order to tackle the water access problem. Their team has developed a sensor 5X cheaper than the competition. Our platform allows them to manage their sensors and to gather the data in order to centralize the information and link it to other existing devices.

  • Dec 17

    Supported by Genilem


    ThinkEE is happy to announce it's selection for the Genilem program. Genilem is an association helping young and innovative companies. Over 300 projects a year, they select 12 of them to present their company in front of a jury. Among them, ThinkEE has been selected and will be followed by Genilem for 3 years by experienced mentors. This support will be of a great help for ThinkEE and we are enthusiasm to start this collaboration. Visit the Genilem website.

  • Nov 17

    First deployment


    ThinkEE is happy to announce its first platform deployment. Madd Technologies, a Swiss professional weather station and precision devices manufacturer, is now using ThinkEE technology to remotely gather the data from their weather stations using different solutions including LoRa. ThinkEE also provides the secure storage of the data as well as the development of user interfaces in order to access the information in real-time. The platform provides new possibilities to Madd Technologies and to its customers.

  • Sept 17

    The Swiss team won the Solar Decathlon


    This project was a wonderful experience that ended in the best imaginable way. The Swiss Living Challenge won the competition solar decathlon with 872.91 points over 1000. They have been 8 times on podium (over the 10 challenges) and won 6 of them. More importantly, they won the engineering contest, the water contest, the health & comfort contest and the energy contest, 4 contests in which our software is closely involved. ThinkEE is proud to have been a part of this project and take it as a great proof of concept. This victory has been largely covered by newspapers over the world. Visit the Swiss-Living-Challenge website.

  • May 17

    MassChallenge Finalist


    We are happy to announce that we are MassChallenge Switzerland Finalist. We have been selected in the 75 last finalists over 450 start-ups. We won 4 months of accelerator in Mass Challenge offices with specific courses, coaching and activities. Visit the Mass Challenge website.

  • Dec 16

    Supported by CA Technologies

    Grants & Coaching

    We are happy to announce that CA Technologies decided to support us through the EPFL Innogrant. They offer us coaching, advises and money. Visit the CA Technologies website.

  • Sept 16

    ThinkEE is a Swiss Living Challenge Silver partner


    The Swiss Living Challenge is the project of the Swiss team for the Solar Decathlon international competition. In order to win, students from universities around the globe have to design and build the best life-size scale, fully operational, solar-powered pavilion. We have been approched to develop their home automation system as silver partner of the Swiss team. The specifications were to connect their already defined devices to create an intelligent ecosystem. This intelligent ecosystem is created through a network of devices and smart data processing. This story make them our first client. Visit the Swiss-Living-Challenge website.

  • Aug 16

    EPFL Innogrant

    Grants & Coaching

    In July 2016, we received an EPFL Innogrant which is a support to EPFL Entrepreneurs:
    We fund people, and not ideas. We fund entrepreneurs and not employees !
    After reviewing our project and our team they decided to back us. This support enables us to work full time on the project and to focus only on what really matters. Visit Innogrant EPFL website.