Meet Our Team

ThinkEE was started in 2016 by Johann Bigler and Jean-Charles Fosse both engineers from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). They are both working full time on the project since July 2016 to bring it alive.

Jean-Charles Fosse
Jean-Charles Fosse
Msc in microengineering

Jean-Charles manages the platform development and the technical strategy. He is determined, ambitious and hard-working.

Johann Bigler
Johann Bigler
Msc in microengineering

Johann leads the algorithms making and the design of the products. He is hard-working, smart and driven.

Our Competences

Our team brings you all the needed competences to succeed in your project. Our experienced engineers have a wide range of skills specially on new technologies. They will be able to answer all your questions and to guide you.

  • Software development (Python, js, docker, ...)
  • Web development (Server/Client)
  • Web technologies (CSS, Html, js)
  • Data storage and management (Database SQL and No-SQL)
  • Asynchronous programming technologies - Non Blocking I/O (Nodejs, Twisted)
  • Server administration
  • Internet of Things
  • Software deployment
  • Project management
  • Multi Operating System (OSX, Linux, Windows) application development
  • Data processing (Algorithms, machine Learning, rule-engine)
  • Communication protocols (Websocket, TCP/IP, HTTP, Zwave, LoRa, KNX, ...)

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