The Platform

ThinkEE Core technology enables you to connect and control a high number of devices including: real-time control, high modularity and secured storage.
Our solution uses the latest web technologies. We use asynchronous language, the best way to offer high availability. We can handle very high traffic load.
Manage all your connected devices

Manage all your devices independently of their communication protocol. Remotely control and monitor them.

Control your users rights

Control your data. ThinkEE uses an advance right management system. You can only see what you are allowed to.

Securely store your data

ThinkEE stores and saves securely your data. We use the latest security standards and deploy on Swiss servers.

A customized solution

Customize our solution in a second

ThinkEE Core Technology can be enhanced with modules. They allow the customization without limits. Our engineers team is here to help you customize new modules.


Custom data processing

An IoT application singularity is realted to the way data are processed. Our platform can integrate all kind of algorithms by using modern tools, machine learning included, in order to get the most of your ecosystem.

Data processing is the key to the information !

Custom interfaces

Each application requires a specific interface. An home automation solution does not require the same interface as a supply chain management one. Thanks to our software architecture we do not reinvent the wheel for each new situation.

Choose the way you want to see the information !


Personalized communication protocols

We believe that our solution should fit your ecosystem. We can gather data from any communication protocol. We can communicate with KNX, Zwave, LoRa, Xcom, Modbus, ... If your protocol is not in our list, we will be able to add it. We personalize our platform so that you can communicate with what you need.

Communication is a bridge between you and your devices !

A flexible architecture


ThinkEE Core development team build a microservices architecture. Three different layers to build any IoT applications: Communication layer - Connect any devices with any communication protocols, Core Layer - Authentication, user management, devices management, data storage on which you can add any functionalities, User Layer - We/you build the user experience you are looking for.

Create an application that fits your needs

We use our innovative architecture to create the application you need. Any application we build is an union between the Core Technology and the modules designed for you. We have 3 kinds of modules: interfaces, data processing, and data collection. We can use existing modules or develop new ones for your specific needs.

Adding the Core Technology with the Modules enables to create a customized IoT application

Build for deployment

Suited for deployment

The platform works on the Cloud or in embedded mode. We can deploy it for you if needed.

Developed with Docker

We use Docker to deploy on any host. We even have a cloud to make your life simpler.

Load Balancing

We make sure all traffic is handled. Connect a high numbers of devices and users.

Your IoT solution within weeks, a POC (Proof Of Concept) in days !

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